Sewer project may close South Lamar

The Daily Mississippian By John Nothdurft
March 05, 2004

South Lamar sewer rehab might soon hamper traffic into and out of the Square.

While parking and traffic have been an ongoing problem for the Square, the addition of construction on South Lamar can only add to the problem. Oxford is preparing to receive bids on the sewer rehab, which will take place on South Lamar starting from the edge of University Avenue, and continuing up to the start of the roundabout in the Square.

The sewer piping is very old and is a continuing problem around the city.

Bart Robinson, of the department of public works, said that these pipes are at least 60-years-old and may date "back to around World War II."

These projects have been done on Jackson and North Lamar in the past and created some traffic and parking issues.

The piping in Oxford has been an ongoing problem and has had to be constantly updated in the past year.

"This is a never-ending battle dealing with the sewer piping," Robinson said. "The time for this construction has been tentatively set for mid-May, right after school is let out for summer.

Nothing is official yet.

"We're hoping to get it done in May, and it shouldn't take more than 30 days, but nothing is set in stone yet," Robinson said.

Some local businesses are optimistic that this construction will not hamper business too badly.

"I have a lot of locals and regulars that come in, and I don't think that it will have a major impact on our business," said Ben Bart, manager of The Rib Cage.

Robinson said he hopes that since the city is planning to replace the sewer piping after Double Decker and school is let out, the impact of the road being closed for days or perhaps weeks at a time may not hamper businesses significantly.

Most of the businesses along South Lamar were not aware of the future replacing of pipes along the road.

Businesses such as 208 were pleased to know that the work would be put off until after school and Double Decker weekend, and though parking is a concern for Sid French of 208, he said it is not to big of an issue.

"It probably won't have that big of an effect on our business since we only have about 5 parking spots in front of our restaurant anyways," French said.

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