Lamar roadwork plan approved

The Daily Mississippian By John Nothdurft
April 07, 2004

The plan to fix South Lamar Boulevard took another step Tuesday.

In a unanimous vote the Board of Aldermen accepted a bid of $30,981 from Sunco, which was the lowest bid for the South Lamar rehab project.

A new innovative technique will be used and will only close down South Lamar for no more than 4-5 days.

The work will affect South Lamar between University Avenue and the Square. This repair will continue the project of updating all the sewers around the Square.

The project has a maximum of 40 days to be completed. There was still some concern surrounding the roadwork.

"I think the technology is creative and innovative, but we got burned down on Jackson (Avenue) and no one can deny that," said Alderman Pat Patterson.

It was also unanimously voted for Mayor Richard Howorth to sign Phase II of the Intelligent Transportation System Agreement. This is part of the Oxford and University of Mississippi agreement to accept $413,000 in federal funds.

Associate professor of geology and geological engineering and co-principle investigator on the ITS project, Greg Easson, acknowledged "the funds will carry us through June 30, 2005, and the fiber optics down Jackson will be included."

Easson also wanted to make it clear that the fiber optics cannot be put in during the road construction on Jackson because of the university and timing issues.

The fiber optic plan has been in the works for about one year and is being assisted by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Easson acknowledged concerns about tearing up the road and affirmed that "the construction will be on the right-away off the road. There will be no tearing up of the roads."

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