County planning commission passes road issue to supervisors
Project revives Thacker Road traffic concerns

The Oxford Eagle By Shea Stewart
August 20, 2003

The Lafayette County Planning Commission "kicked" the approval of a road connecting The Links development on Highway 6 West to Thacker Road up to the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors at its Tuesday meeting.

According to County Planner Chuck Wrenn, the decision on the connecting road was not under the jurisdiction of the commission since the road would not initially be connected to any existing subdivision.

The proposed road would be used as a construction entrance and exit, and also serve as a future access to any possible development.

Commissioners also raised concerns over another road linking to Thacker Road because of traffic congestion.

"Basically, if we approve this road we approve the dumping of more traffic on Thacker Road which is already in bad shape," commissioner T.J. Ray said.

In April, commissioners asked the board of supervisors to place a moratorium on any further connections for developments to Thacker Road. Supervisors have yet to take any action on the recommendation.

Commissioners will once again add their concerns over Thacker Road in a letter to the board of supervisors.

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