MDOT Bans Parking On Highway 6 - Alternatives available for fans.

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Sept. 14, 2004

OXFORD, Miss. - Due to public safety concerns, fans attending Ole Miss football games are no longer allowed to park on Highway 6 near the University of Mississippi campus.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation has banned parking along the highway's right-of-ways. The initiative was adopted after a university student was struck and killed by a car while attempting to cross the highway on Sept. 4 following the Ole Miss-Memphis game. More than 1,000 vehicles routinely park on the highway each game day.

"Safety is our main priority," said MDOT district engineer Jimmy Dickerson. "We want fans to have a good time, but we have to ensure their safety."

The no parking enforcement begins Sept. 18 when Ole Miss hosts Vanderbilt, said University Police Chief Randy Corban.

"There will be zero tolerance for violators of this new enforcement," Corban said. "All vehicles parked on Highway 6 will be towed."

University officials are aware that the new enforcement may cause fans an inconvenience, but alternative parking with shuttle service is available on campus at the following locations:

  • Southside lot: Exit Highway 6 on Old Taylor Road. A $10 fee is required for each vehicle.
  • Kinard Hall and Kincannon Hall: Access from Rebel Drive by the water tower.

  • Intramural fields: Turn off West Jackson Avenue across from the Park Place Inn & Suites.
  • Ford Center for the Performing Arts: Access from West Jackson Avenue or from University Avenue.

  • Oxford Mall: Access from West Jackson Avenue.

  • Guyton Hall West: Access from Fraternity Row across from Carrier House (the Chancellor's residence).

University officials remind fans that while shuttles are available, the service is designed to assist the elderly and the disabled. Fans capable of walking are urged to do so.

"We will help in every way we can," said UM Physical Plant associate director Buddy Kahler. "There are more than 60,000 fans on campus during game days, so be patient."

Once on campus, those requiring shuttle service should call the Physical Plant at 915-7087, then remain at their location until the shuttle arrives.

In cooperation with the university to provide additional parking, the City of Oxford is opening five lots to the public on game day with shuttle service provided:

  • Central Elementary School, Washington Avenue.

  • Oxford Middle School, Washington Avenue.

  • Oxford Activity Center, Price Street.

  • Oxford Electric Department, McElroy Drive.

  • Oxford Park Commission Fields, McElroy Drive.

"These five parking lots provide nearly 1,200 additional spaces," said Mayor Richard Howorth. "Signs will be posted to help direct traffic to these locations."

In addition to shuttle service from these locations, Howorth said the Double Decker bus operates from the Square. Drop point for both the city shuttle service and Double Decker bus is at the intersection of Sorority Row and West Jackson Avenue.

"Fans can also look for parking at various non-profit organizations," Howorth said. "Several churches within walking distance to campus offer parking for a nominal fee."

For additional information regarding the City of Oxford parking and shuttle service, call Randy Barber at 232-2342.

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