UPD redefines gameday parking

The Daily Mississippian by Bryan Doyle
September 17, 2004

University Police Chief Randy Corban said there are many alternative places to park for Saturday’s game since parking on Highway 6 has been banned.

Last Thursday, representatives from the chancellors’ office, the Oxford and University police departments and the city of Oxford met concerning parking along Highway 6.

The decision is meant to make a safer Oxford, but the redistribution of the estimated 2,000 cars in the Oxford area has the potential of causing further problems in a place where many find it difficult to find anything near a convenient parking space.

Those tempted to park along Highway 6 for this Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt should beware, said UPD police chief Randy Corban.

He said that signs will be placed along the former parking area, and anyone parking their vehicle there will be towed.

“The Oxford Police Department and the Mississippi Department of Transportation are taking a stand,” he said.

He said that the potential for problems are there with the opening of alternative areas, especially since those areas are not nearly as convenient as parking on Highway 6.

“The OPD and MDOT will have their hands full in preventing parking on 6,” Corban said. “It could create some situations on campus.”

According to Corban, those planning to park on-campus should use the parking lot on Intramural fields Road, which is off Hawthorne Road.

Other on-campus alternatives include the lot behind Kinard Hall on Rebel Drive, the lot by Guyton Hall and the former MDOT parking lot by Highway 6 and Taylor Road, which would cost $10 per car, he said.

There is also a new 300 space parking lot on the hill behind Kincannon Hall that could be used during game day, but its use during the week would be limited to residents of Kincannon and Stockard Halls.

There are also many parking alternatives in Oxford, which include the Oxford middle and elementary schools on Washington Avenue and Oxford High School on Bramlett Boulevard.

Other city lots include the Oxford Activity Center on the corner of Price Street and Molly Barr Road, the Oxford Electric Department on McElroy Drive, the Oxford Conference Center on Sisk Avenue and the Oxford Park Commission with lots on McElroy Drive.

The dramatic changes to the parking situation were made in response to the death of Amie Lynn Ewing, a 23-year-old pharmacy student from Oxford, who died after being struck by a car while crossing Highway 6.

Ewing was struck while crossing the westbound lane after the Memphis game on Sept. 4.

The meeting occurred the following Thursday, where local law enforcement and city officials determined that automobiles would no longer be allowed to park along the highway.

While parking in the area has always been discouraged by the OPD and the MDOT, they have never enforced a move from the area. Corban said he was worried that something might happen along Highway 6 following a football game.

“It’s something that people have been doing over the years, and it gradually got worse and worse,” he said. “Of course, you hate a decision like this has to come after someone gets hurt.”

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