This site is a component of the Oxford-University of Mississippi Intelligent Transportation Project (OUMITS). The information provided on this site is currently for demonstration purposes only and intended to help gauge the usefulness of an Internet based GIS data delivery system. The site is currently under construction and may undergo changes as needed with little or no warning.

OUMITS Traffic Turning Movement Count Data

The traffic data provided by this project was collected using one or more Jamar Technologies, Inc., Traffic Data Collectors - Model # DB-100. These digital count boards are manually operated and can be used to collect 12 different turning movement on 4way intersections and smaller. Additionally there are 4 channels which can be used to collect data on pedestrian or heavy vehicle volumes.

As of the spring of 2003, traffic counts have been conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays and during University of Mississippi fall and spring semesters only. As the largest employer in the city and a student population near thirteen thousand, traffic related to the University and its daily schedule dominates the overall traffic pattern in Oxford and the surrounding area. Campus class loads on Tuesday and Thursdays were determined to be the highest hence the current restriction to data collection on those two days of the week.

In general, the data collection consists of an approximate 12-hour period starting at 7:00am. Traffic turning movement data is made up the total number of specific movements by vehicles entering the intersection in 5 or 15 minute intervals.

Data collection during peak traffic times can be hectic - the data is collected and recorded on the count boards by human operators and can be subject to operator error. The data provided by the project in tabular format is in most cases the raw data and has not been modified to remove any operator error.

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